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Ex Tax:₹30.0/-
Chicken Skinless
Best Selling
Chicken Skinless..
Ex Tax:₹290.0/-
prawns (big)1kgEṇḍu royyalu (peddadi) 1kg..
Ex Tax:₹1,500.0/-
Chicken (Boneless)
Best Selling
Chicken (Boneless)..
Ex Tax:₹440.0/-
Crab 1KG..
Ex Tax:₹650.0/-
Dry prawns(medium)1kg..
Ex Tax:₹1,200.0/-
Eggs (6)
Best Selling
Ex Tax:₹36.0/-
Fish (Bocha / బొచ్చు) 1Kg
Best Selling
Fish (Bocha / బొచ్చు) - Live..
Ex Tax:₹180.0/-
Fish (Seelavati / శీలావతి) 1Kg
Best Selling
Fish (Seelavati / శీలావతి). +cleaning1 Kg ..
Ex Tax:₹180.0/-
Kheema (A1 Quality)
Best Selling
Ex Tax:₹1,000.0/-
Korameenu Fish..
Ex Tax:₹500.0/-
Mutton 1Kg
Best Selling
Ex Tax:₹900.0/-
Mutton Boneless..
Ex Tax:₹1,000.0/-
Prawn Small Size 1kg
Best Selling
Prawn Small Size1 Kg..
Ex Tax:₹230.0/-
Prawns Medium Size
Best Selling
Prawns Medium Size..
Ex Tax:₹280.0/-
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