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Terms & Conditions

Term & Conditions

  • The quality of the products sold by BO Stores (Local Shops listed in Bhimavaram Online) and the sales procedure adopted by them is not the responsibility of Bhimavaram Online and we only provide space for the stores to their products online. The customers are cautioned to check the credibility of the stores before making any transactions with them and we don't take any responsiblity.
  • Except Bhimavaram Online & MCR Web Solutions, under any circumstances no one is permitted or has any kind of right to redesign, represent, re-sale or re-market some or any of our products. Doing so will be strictly considered as a extreme criminal offense and will be legally prosecuted.
  • The price of some of the products in your order may be little more or less than the prices listed on the website. But Guaranteeing, "Not more than the MRP". If you are not satisfied with the prices of products, you can cancel & return that products when you receive the delivery of the same.
  • All the orders from outside the Bhimavaram city limits are served on Prepaid basis only and the Shipping/Courier charges are also applicable. Outside orders are executed subjected by the availability and convenience of our delivery team.
  • Be informed that Bhimavaram Online doesnot maintain any stock for majority of the products and all items listed in the site & app are brought from high quality wholesale dealers and shops. Quality of such products is the responsibility of the vendor from whom we purchase them and so, customers should note that we dont intentionally control the quality of the products that we sell.
  • We believe that the Customers of Bhimavaram Online are fairly cautioned and are clearly notified that they do not to purchase any of the Bhimavaram Online products from any third party (including any of the Bhimavaram Online employees) with or without the Order Invoice. For such transactions Bhimavaram Online or any of its owners, business partners, employees, staff, workers & management bears no responsibility for any kind of direct or indirect loss(es) incurred and are not liable for any legal action or charges. Hence, any kind of charges booked on any of the mentioned people shall disqualify according to these terms and may stand invalid and be rejected.
  • Dear customer, when you open a product(s), if you find any kind of foreign particles, any unexpected substances, quality issues inside the product(s), you are strongly advised not to use the product(s) & inform the same to the Customer Service Team by calling on +91 9010872333 or +91 9293940004 or by writing to along with any photos of the spoiled product and / or the spoiled product itself. The needful will be done to replace / exchange the product as required.
  • Finally, by registering on Bhimavaram Online website or mobile app, you agree to all of its Terms & Conditions that are updated timely with or without notice to you. So, you are humbly requested to carefully read and understand all the Terms & Conditions of the organisation to avail its services, before you register. After giving your commitment to these Terms & Conditions, it has become an obligation for us to assure you of the best services at all times & all our motto is to gain & retain your trust and confidence in us.
  • The Product Images shown / displayed on the website are only for illustration purpose. Real products & packaging may vary with the images.

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Terms & Conditions

All the customers and users of Bhimavaram Online are expected to note that the execution of this business

* Food needs to be ordered separately

* Orders (other than food) received after 5 PM wiandll be delivered the next day.

* All orders needs to be confirmed by phone (our operator calls you)

* The delivery charges might vary for distant and outskirt areas of Bhimavaram

* The delivery timings (quick & food delivery) might be delayed based on the availability of the products and climate/traffic conditions.

The same will be intimated to the customer.

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