DC water pump motor

This is a low cost mini submersible type water pump that works on 3-6V DC. It is extremely simple and easy to use. Just immerse the pump in water, connect a suitable pipe to the outlet and power the motor with 3-6V to start pumping water. Great for building science projects, fire-extinguishers, fire fighting robots, fountains, waterfalls, plant watering systems etc. 

This motor is small, compact and light. It can be controlled from a micro controller/Arduino using our DC Motor Drivers or one of our Relay Boards. You may use our 5V SMPS Power Supply Adapter to run this pump. You may also use our 6V Solar Panel to run the pump with appropriate a 6V voltage regulator. 

Note: Do not run the pump dry (without putting it in water) and do not use it to pump flamable liquids. 


  • Operating DC Voltage: 2.5-6V
  • Maximum Water lift height: 40-110cm / 15.75"-43.4"
  • Flow rate: 80-120L/H
  • Outer Diameter of Water Outlet: 7.5mm / 0.3"
  • Inside Diameter of Water Outlet: 5mm / 0.2"
  • Pump Diameter: Approx. 24mm / 0.95"
  • Pump Length: Approx. 45mm / 1.8"
  • Pump Height: Approx. 30mm / 1.2"
  • Wire Length: ~13mm cm

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DC water pump motor

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